16. Nov 07 - 18. Nov 07

The Responsibility to Protect: International Ecumenical Consultation

Evangelische Akademie Arnoldshain - Schmitten, Germany


The international responsibility to protect people at risk applies to Darfur, the WCC executive committee said in September.
Photo: A girl in a camp for the displaced near Zalingei, West Darfur. © Simon Peter Odong, ACT/Caritas

Does the human family have the responsibility - or even the duty - to intervene when states are no longer capable or willing to protect some segments of their population? How can adequate information about gross human rights violations be secured?


These and related concerns are on the agenda for discussion during this consultation, jointly organised by the WCC's Commission on International Affairs and the Decade to Overcome Violence, by the Theological Working Group on the Decade within the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen in Germany and the Protestant Church in Hessen and Nassau to which the Arnoldshain Academy belongs.


The consultation is part of the European focus of the Decade to Overcome Violence and of the preparatory process leading to an Ecumenical Declaration on Just Peace to be presented to the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation in May 2011.


More information on the website of Evangelische Akademie Arnoldshain



Friday, November 16

            Arrivals till 18.00

                                     18.00                Dinner

                                     19.00                Opening of the Consultation            

Dr. Guillermo KERBER, World Council of Churches (WCC) - Geneva

Dr. Hermann DUERINGER, Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau

                                     19.30                The Responsibility to Protect - Scope and challenges

Dr. Hugo SLIM, Corporates for Crisis - London

Security and Vulnerability

Rev. Raag ROLFSEN, Church of Norway - Oslo

                         Floor open for discussion


Saturday, November 17

             8.00                 Breakfast

                          9.00                 Morning Prayer

 9.30                 Moderator: Dr. Geiko Muller-Fahrenholz, WCC

                         Peacemaking and Policing

The View of the Historic Peace Churches

Prof. Dr. Fernando ENNS, University of Hamburg

R2P & Just Policing: A Roman Catholic and Yoderian Perspective

Prof. Dr. Tobias WINRIGHT, University of St. Louis - St Louis

                                    10.30                 Coffee Break


11.00                "R2P" in Orthodox Perspective

Dr. Marian SIMEON - Boston Theological Institute - Boston                                    


11.30                Response to the 3 positions:

Rev. Dr. Konrad RAISER, Former WCC General Secretary, Berlin

Floor discussion

 12.30                Lunch

 14.30                How to establish the truth about gross human rights

violations? How to assess the criteria for intervention?

Moderator: Rev. Barbara Rudolph, General Secretary,

Council of Christian Churches in Germany


Mr. Marc SAXER, Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung - Berlin

Ms. Sapna CHHATPAR, World Federalist Movement - New York    



                                     15.30                Coffee Break

16.00               Churches and civil society as agents of peace: 

            prevention, mitigation and reconciliation

Moderator: Dr. Guillermo KERBER, WCC

Mr. Ernie REGHER, Project Ploughshares - Waterloo

Ms. Camilla BUZZI, Norwegian Church Aid - New York

Ms. Semegnish ASFAW, WCC - Geneva

                                     18.30                Dinner


19.30               Reception by the Protestant Church in Hesse and


 Sunday, November 18, 2007

                                      8.00                 Breakfast

9.00                 Morning prayer led by Rev. Mechthild Gunkel,

Zentrum Ökumene

9.15                  WORKING GROUPS

 10.30              Coffee Break

  11.00               Plenary Session

Moderator: Dr. Hermann Dueringer

Working Groups' reporting

                                                               Closing Acrions

                                        12.30              Lunch