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North American Christians call for a focus on poverty, wealth and ecology


WCC consultation on poverty, wealth and ecology in Canada. Photo: Ken Gray

Calgary, Alberta, Canada was the site of a consultation on poverty, wealth and ecology that has issued a series of calls to action and reflection in a time of global financial crisis, environmental threat, and resistance to the ways of Wall Street and its allied economic structures. Representatives of North American churches urged their ecumenical and interfaith partners “to undertake a decade of action on eco-justice encompassing both ecological and economic justice.”


The consultation, sponsored by the World Council of Churches (WCC) took place from 6-11 November, and released a document titled “There’s a new world in the making” that analyzes the current state of global affairs. The communiqué culminates in a series of “calls” to the WCC itself, and to “its member churches and partner organizations who share the ideals and goals” of the participants.


Among other issues being discussed, churches in North America are called “to take action in making a transition from carbon-based to renewable energy” and “to narrow the gap between those of us who are rich and those who are poor”. Businesses and industry are called “to commit to principles of integrity” in defined areas.


Participants of the consultation also urged the governments to design and implement transformative legislation and changes to the international financial architecture, exemplified by bodies such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization.


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