The World Council of Churches' work on Violence

The Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV) is a process shaped by the initiatives of the churches. The role of World Council of Churches (WCC) for the Decade is to accompany and encourage the work of the churches in their efforts toward overcoming violence. As a worldwide ecumenical organisation, the WCC aims to facilitate the emergence of a global movement of churches for peace by lifting up both new and ongoing responses of churches and people around the world to various manifestations of violence.

The WCC is also committed to analysing and interpreting these responses with a view to further challenge and encourage creative responses. In addition, WCC by commissioning studies and theological reflections on related issues, attempts to stimulate the churches to consider the interconnectedness of different forms of violence, as well as to broaden the scope of responses to violence in its totality.

Overcoming Violence Against Women and the "On the Wings of a Dove Campaign": Overcoming Violence against women and children

WCC team for Inter-religious Relations and Dialogue; the June 2002 issue of Current Dialogue focuses on the theme of "Religion and Violence"

Work of the International Relations team on public issues, global governance / United Nations, human rights, and uprooted people