Linking to the Decade - some suggestions

The Decade to Overcome Violence is a process in which people, churches, organizations, and communities are encouraged to work together to overcome various forms of violence at many levels and in many contexts around the world.

The Decade also provides an opportunity for new partnerships to be formed, and for people around the world to learn from each other's experiences of working for peace and reconciliation.

The ways to be connected to this global ecumenical movement are limited only by your creativity and initiative! But the following suggestions may help you to get started, or provide some initial ideas:  

Contact your local, national, or regional church or ecumenical organization, or your local DOV Coordinator.
Ask about what the churches in your area are doing to overcome violence and make suggestions about ways to be involved. Find out if the churches in your area have appointed a local DOV Coordinator.

Preach, pray, sing, and worship.
Use worship resources that highlight the role of churches in healing and reconciling.

Join an initiative or movement.
Contact an organization, initiative or movement that is working to overcome violence, and find ways to join their work.
Or share information about an initiative in which you are active.

Learn from stories and experiences.
Read news and stories from people and initiatives using nonviolent methods to overcome violence and seek reconciliation.

Participate in events related to overcoming violence.
Attend events such as launches, workshops, or seminars that relate to overcoming violence and pursuing reconciliation.
Share about upcoming events related to issues of peace, reconciliation, and overcoming violence.

Publicize the Decade.
In your efforts for peace and reconciliation, mention the Decade to Overcome Violence explicitly in spoken and written communications.
Use the DOV logo freely on printed material, use our banner for your web pages, and the like.
This gives visibility to your work as a part of the larger ecumenical effort to overcome violence and to work for reconciliation, which is now taking place around the world.

Make a financial contribution to assist the work on the Decade to Overcome Violence.