"We deserve to live a life in dignity" Sudan's women struggling against violence in a war-torn country

December 2, 2004: 

"Where is God? He created us in his image. Why then is the image of God violated in women?" wonders Joy Kwaje, a Christian woman from Sudan, a country that "has been at war for three generations" and where violence is an existential issue for the women. "We want people to hear the cry of pain of the women of Sudan," she says. read more...


HIV/AIDS: Fight the illness, not those who are ill. Interview with Astrid Berner-Rodoreda

December 1, 2004:

Astrid Berner-Rodoreda is an advisor for HIV/AIDS in Africa at Bread for the World and at the same time spokeswoman of the "Action Alliance against AIDS". This grouping of the German partners of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, an international action alliance of church and church-linked organizations, includes more than 70 non-governmental organizations working in different ways on the issue of HIV/AIDS by seeking to make a joint contribution to overcoming this global issue.
In this interview she is talking about women and girls as a risk group in particular danger of HIV infection and about the importance of church-related organizations in the struggle against HIV/AIDS. read more...


Palestinian Organization works to draw Attention to the Problem of Violence against Women

November 26, 2004:

Maria Fahmy from Denmark
The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was held November 25th and Palestinian organizations marked the day in different ways. Since the outbreak of the second Intifada, domestic violence has increased drastically in Palestinian society. Palestinian Working Women's Society for Development (PWWSD) is one of the Palestinian civil society organizations that work adamantly on bringing this issue to the forefront of the public debate. read more...


Liberia: women still suffer, and wait for justice

November 25, 2004:

The following feature is issued as part of a 25 November - 10 December 2004 "Wings of a Dove" campaign by churches and church-related roganizations around the world. During the campaign, worship services and prayer vigils, discussions and exhibitions will promote increased public awareness on violence against women and children, in an attempt to bring justice and healing to those who are suffering from violence. read more...


The Sun Rises on The Wings of a Dove

November 25, 2004: 

On the Wings of a Dove, the worldwide campaign Overcoming Violence against women and children was marked by the St Margaret's College community in Otautahi -Christchurch in Aotearoa New Zealand on Thursday 25 November 2004. read more...