International Peace Symposium on "Peace and Human Security: Global Insecurity and Overcoming Violence"

March  31 - 4 April 2008,  Seoul, South Korea                   Read more about the symposium

Paticipants at the opening ceremony of the International Symposium on Peace and Human security.

Participants during one of the sessions (to the right: CHAE Hae Won, Forum on North Korea Development)

Main speaker: Dr. David SUH, Korea

Main speaker: Rev. KIMIJIMA Yosaburo, Japan

Main speaker: Rev. Dr. Fernando Enns, Germany

Rev. CHOE, Korea Peace Foundation, local organizer

Ms. TAKASATO Suzuyo, Okinawa (Japan)

Rev. Dr. Müller-Fahrenholz, WCC, making a point during discussions

Friendship: Rev. Fritz, Germany; Rev. Dr. CHAI, Korea

Prof. Dr. KIDO Eiichi, Japan

Ms. Claudia Haydt, Germany

All photos © Schneiss/DOAM