Visit to Fiji

27 to 29 May 2010                                                    Read more about the visit

John Hunt Memorial Church

John Hunt Memorial Church is dedicated to the memory of the Methodist translator who translated the Bible from Greek into Fijian more than 150 years ago.

Mangroves and erosion

Ratu Isikeli Komaisavai, village coordinator for development projects, points to an area of mangroves that are protecting the coastline of Viwa Island. Freshly exposed earthen cliffs are evidence of erosion where there are no mangroves.

Pacific Island Forum

The Living Letters team met with representatives of the Pacific Island Forum including the deputy general secretary Feleti P. Teo, seated on the left in the white shirt.

Fishermen on Viwa Island

The daily ritual of the tidal movement of the sea sets the rhythm of life for the villagers on Viwa Island. Once the tide is out, life under the intense tropical sun adjusts to a slower pace waiting to resume more robust activity as the water faithfully returns later in the afternoon.

The threat of climate change

These women are among the 110 hearty souls who call Viwa home. Climate change is transforming their lives as the sea eats up the coastline and changes in temperature mean that crops are not ripe at the regular times of the year.

All photos © Mark Beach/WCC
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