International ecumenical solidarity visit to Uganda

27 October - 2 November 2008                                                  Read more about the visit to Uganda

In the streets of Gulu

With its streets full of motorbike taxis transporting passengers and merchandise, Gulu in northern Uganda looks as peaceful as any small African town. However, its inhabitants have to come to terms with the terrible crimes that were committed here during 22 years of civil war.

Mother carrying her baby on a road outside Gulu town

The Living Letters team heard that the movement of people is now "very free," compared to the situation before the peace negotiations, when it was extremely dangerous to venture more than a few metres outside the camps for internally displaced people.

Two former child soldiers, who have now been granted amnesty and live in the Koch Ongako camp.

Kioni Mbari, Living Letters team member from Kenya, with children studying at a Catholic school in Gulu.

Public hearing on the role of faith communities in peace-building

George Hazou, Living Letters team member from Jordan, explained about the situation of Iraqi and Palestinian refugees in the Middle East, during a public hearing involving political, religious and cultural leaders, representatives of civil society organizations and government agencies.

Young girl carrying her little sister at a hospital in Kampala run by the Ugandan Orthodox Church

Members of the team that visited Uganda, 27 October to 2 November

From left to right: Fredrick Nzwili, journalist; Janejinda Pawadee, Christian Conference of Asia; Timotheus Kamaboakai, World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations; Semegnish Asfaw, WCC; Mbari Kioni, All Africa Conference of Churches; Sydia Nduna, WCC; Rev. Keith Briant, National Council of Churches in Australia; George Hazou, Middle East Council of Churches; local coordinator Canon Joseph Oneka, Uganda Joint Christian Council

All photos © Semegnish Asfaw/WCC

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