WCC Living Letters Team Visit to Kenya

30 January to 3 February 2008

The Living Letters visit to Kenya was intended to express the solidarity of the world-wide churches with the churches and peoples of Kenya; to listen to them as they shared the story of their recent history; and to learn from them on what the context has to teach them as they prepare themselves for their participation in the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC) in 2011.



29.02.08 12:51

About the visit

We went with slight trepidation regarding what we might witness, but secure in the knowledge that we would be with brothers and sisters in Christ who were in need of prayer, peace, reconciliation and the embrace of...

12.02.08 18:35

Reflections by Rev. Dr Clifton Kirkpatrick

"What left me with hope is that the churches, who themselves have at times been compromised, are now committed to being a force for peace and reconciliation, and they have invited all of us to join them in praying and...

12.02.08 18:30

Reflections by Graham Gerald McGeoch

"Dear churches in Kenya, thank you for openly sharing with us your vulnerabilities. Thank you for the humility to recognise that the people of God have, in some instances, acted in a partisan manner. In some places the...

12.02.08 18:25

Reflections by Ms Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda

"The high level of inequalities in income and employment was at the centre of the mobilization and campaign messages. It is also evident that the violence in Kenya had a number of specific characteristics..."

12.02.08 18:20

Reflections by Prelate Dr Stephan Reimers

"We saw the burnt down houses, shops and schools and talked to the Kikuyus, who had not fled. At night some 600 women, men and children camped in a big schoolroom - guarded by the warriors of their tribe."

12.02.08 18:15

Reflections by Rev. Dr. Stig Utnem

"In situations where tribe and ethnicity and language matter more and more, the role of the churches and religious communities become paramount. Churches and ecumenical partners like my own must once again critically...

12.02.08 18:10

Reflections by Dr Geeske Zanen

"I am inspired by the prayers we held with all the different people, from the political leaders to the grass roots we have met. The solidarity within these prayers was well understood."

12.02.08 18:07

Reflections by Bishop Laiser

"It is my highest hope that the peace making effort led by the former United Nation Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan will be successful in bringing together the two warring parties ODM and PNU in a way that will not...

12.02.08 18:05

Reflections by Dr Aruna Gnanadason

Porto Alegre  Brazil

"The Living Letters visit was warmly welcomed as sign of global solidarity with the churches in Kenya. From them we have learnt what it means to come together for peace in a time when there is so much of division and...