DOV joins the World Health Organization's Violence Prevention Alliance

The WCC's DOV office has joined the World Health Organization's Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA).

The VPA is a network of WHO Member States, international agencies and civil society organizations working to prevent violence. Its aim is to build commitment to violence prevention.

The DOV office encourages churches to look for ways to connect to violence prevention initiatives on local and national levels.

"Violence is preventable, not unavoidable..."

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World ecumenical bodies request international community to scale up efforts in Zimbabwe

Two international ecumenical bodies called on the UN, the South African Development Community and the African Union "to increase [their] efforts to address the rapidly deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe". Emergency aid, postponement of the run-off election and the responsibility of the international community to intervene in protection of the people are amongst the main concerns. [read more...] 

Ecumenical solidarity team to visit Germany, share experiences on nonviolence

"Living Letters" from member churches of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Burundi, Brazil, Greece and the United States will come to Germany, 27 June - 4 July, for an exchange of experiences in overcoming violence.

The peace building efforts of churches in Germany are legion. They train youth in nonviolent ways to handle conflicts. They encourage Christians to welcome strangers and to get to know their neighbours of other faiths. They keep alive the memories of victims of war and persecution and work for reconciliation. [read more...] 


IEPC Planning Continues: Invitation for Declarations on Just Peace

Seminars and Theological faculties around the world received invitations to write declarations on just peace and send them to the WCC.  This call is also open to churches, congregations and networks interested in participating in the consultative process towards the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC). Submitted declarations and statements will be made available on the DOV website with a possibility to comment on them.

World churches' initiative against violence focuses on the Pacific

Churches around the world will pray for the peoples of the Pacific as an international church initiative against violence focuses attention on the region this year. Pacific churches themselves will pray and reflect together on how best to promote peace in their communities. [read more...]

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2008 DOV Annual Pacific Focus

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In Jerusalem and around the world, a week of church action for Middle East peace begins

Today in Jerusalem, at the launch of a worldwide week of action for peace in Israel and Palestine, different churches will come together for an ecumenical service giving thanks for "every church and parish around the world that is praying with us this day for peace"... [read more...]

Overcome humanity's "greed": Churches respond to the food crisis

The plea "Give us this day our daily bread" needs to be heard by world leaders meeting in Rome on the global food crisis, say church representatives across the globe.

"The Lord's Prayer highlights that having enough to eat is, and has always been, central to the Christian idea of a world shaped by justice and mercy," observed Sushant Agrawal, Director of the Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) in India. "If God's will was done, no one would go hungry."

At present 854 million people -- one person in every eight -- are hungry, and the current crisis caused by rapid increase in food prices may add another 100 million people to that count... [read more...]



News from the network

Multi Faith Walk Against Violence

Around the world, violence and terrorism are on the rise and affecting everyone's lives. Extremism and terrorism have affected, and continue to affect, millions of people. The safety and economic prosperity of fellow human beings is under constant threat.

"Multifaith Walk Against Violence" represents a move to unite Canadians against all forms of violence. These include: child abuse, domestic violence, terrorism, wars, gangs, bullying and elder abuse. This walk will begin on April 20 th , 2008 from Halifax and is expected to end in Victoria , B.C. by the end of November, 2008. Canadians of all faiths will be participating in this walk. Leaders from the aboriginal communities, as well as leaders from Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and other faiths and backgrounds will be part of this Canada wide walk....[read more...]

Asia Pacific Youth Network Announces Photo & Essay Competition

Asia Pacific Youth Network is organizing a photo and essay competition on decent work for Youth for young members of the Public Services International affiliated unions in Asia and Pacific. We want you to tell us the significance of "Decent work for Youth" to you in a story form. As the saying goes, "a photo paints a thousand words." We also like you to provide photos relevant to your story. Submission may be photos/stories of young workers, young union leaders at the workplace, at activities, at conferences, at team building events (Please submit before 31 August.)…[read more...]


Youth leaders build network to push for peace

Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Paiboon Wattanasiritham called on Asia's youth to assume the mantle of leadership and foster sustainable, peaceful and harmonious societies, at the International Youth Leadership Conference in Bangkok last week. The conference theme was developing youth networks for peace and achieving the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals. [read more...]