Resources for the annual focus on Asia

This is a list of selected resources related to the 2005 DOV Annual Focus on Asia.


  • A History of the Ecumenical Movement in Asia: This book by Ninan Koshy is a scholarly work based on considerable research, narrating and interpreting the evolution and development of one of the most significant movements of the twentieth century in Asia.
  • Climate Change: A Challenge to Sustainable Development in Asia: This book, published by CCA Development and Service Desk, contains papers presented at the Inter-religious Consultation on Climate Change jointly sponsored by CCA, WCC, ACISCA (Association of Christian Institutes for Social Concerns in Asia) and NCC Japan (Kyoto, November 30 - December 5, 1997).
  • Countering Gender Violence: Initiatives towards collective action in Rajasthan: This book, writen by Kanchan Mathur, studies the phenomenon of violence which, while being meted out to individual women, is systematically rooted in the social pattern of gender relations.
  • CTC Bulletin (December 2004): This edition of the Bulletin of the Program Area on Faith Mission and Unity (theological concerns) of the Christian Conference of Asia is a special contribution to the ongoing process of action and reflection in Asia especially as the mid-decade of the DOV takes focus on Asia in 2005.
  • Ecumenical Response to Indo China: Edited by Mathews George Chunakara, this report includes papers of the Asian Church Leaders' Conference on Ecumenical Response to Indochina.
  • Landmines: Deadly Weapons, Invisible Enemy: Published by CCA-WCC Indochina Program, this booklet contains educational information regarding landmines.
  • Our Forbidden Tales and Stories: This is the report of the Workshop on Violence Against Women (Hong Kong, 1996), published by CCA Women's Concerns.
  • Overcoming violence. A Teacher's Guidebook: A book edited by Phebe Gamata Crismo. For nursery, middle elementary and older elementary to give learners a "ring-side view" of the faces of violence in the society and what everyone can do.
  • Reconciliation - Reunification: This is an Ecumenical approach to the Korean peninsula, based on historical documents. Written by Park Kyung Seo, the Asia Secretary of the WCC since 1982 up to now.
  • Refugees and their Right to Communicate: Perspective from South East Asia: As a jont publication of the CCA, Hong Kong and the WACC, United Kingdom, the collection of articles in this volume affirms that communication is a human right and that a refugee's right to communicate is absolutely central to his/her articulation and negotiation of other fundamental rights.
  • The Good Women of China: Hidden voices: For seven years beginning in 1990, Xinran Xue hosted Words on the Night Breeze, a daily call-in show on Radio Nanjing, which became famous for its candid, often difficult discussions about what it means to be a woman in today's China.
  • To Seek Peace, Justice and Sustainable Lifestyle: The participants of a Consultation held in 2003 came from the 4 major faiths of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity met to seek the commonalities they share as a starting point for cooperation in working towards peace, justice and sustainable lifestyles.
  • Weaving Our Lives and Stories: Women, Racism and Peace-building in Asia: Edited by Corazon Tabing-Reyes, Marilia Schuller and Edna J. Orteza, this book represents the personal thoughts and feelings, struggles and pain, analysis and reflection, hopes and aspirations of individual women, which in the process became common issues and concerns that needed common action.

Articles / Papers

  • Interrogating and Redefining Power - Consultation of Younger Theologians from the South: An Interpretative Report of the consultation focused on "younger theologians from the south" held in response to the call for a sustained process of theological reflection on power during the Decade to Overcome Violence and as a follow up to the Consultation on Power held in Crêt Bérard, Puidoux, Switzerland in December 2003
  • Overcoming Violence: These papers presented at the Institute of Theological Teachers in South Asia at a meeting in April 2003 touch upon the ways in which theological education in the region could meaningfully respond to many faces of violence.
  • Overcoming Violence in the Church: In September 2004, some thirty-two ecumenical church women from all over Asia gathered in the Philippines for the Asian Ecumenical Women's Consultation and challenged the Church to confront the issue of violence against women taking place within its domain.
  • Peace Be With You: Cultivating a Culture of Peace: This Statement, of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, counsels continuing development of a peaceful culture in Australia through reconciliation with Indigenous Australians, development of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and prayer, and the spread of true democratic and multicultural values.
  • Violence Against Women - Study Material: This is a World Federation of the Methodist and Uniting Church Women study & worship material on Violence Against Women, prepared in East Asia.

Worship / Music

  • He Came Singing Peace - Songs to overcome violence: A book of the The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust comprising 27 New Zealand worship songs to promote the Decade to Overcome Violence in New Zealand and anywhere in the world.
  • If The Truth Hurts: an Australian CD of 13 songs by Monique Lisbon about healing from childhood abuse, following on from her first CD on this theme, 'The Lies of Love'. This CD is a musical journey of suffering, hope, pain and inspiration.
  • Whispers of Peace: A compilation of songs from a wide variety of Christians across the country (Australia), reflecting the diversity and vitality of Christian life in Australia and the shared Christian commitment to peace and reconciliation in the churches' Decade to Overcome Violence.

Videos / CD Roms


  • DOV Resource Kit: A Decade to Overcome Violence Kit has been produced by the Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand and circulated to all the member churches of the Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand in March 2004.
  • Give Peace A Hand: Give Peace a Hand is a introductory DOV kit with a variety of resources for children, small groups, worship etc., put together by the National Council of Churches in Australia.
  • Keri the Kereru - Resource Kit: Although the Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand has prepared this kit with children in mind, it is a very creative resource that may be used in an intergenerational setting.
  • SangSaeng: This magazine is published four times a year by the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), a UNESCO-affiliated organization working to promote education for international understanding toward a culture of peace in the Asia-Pacific region.