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This is a list of selected resources related to the 2004 DOV Annual Focus on the United States.
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Statements and reflections

The Power and Promise of Peace Flyer: Reflections on the United States Focus 2004 of the Decade to Overcome Violence and Resources for US Churches 2005-2010 

On Conscientious Objection and Military Conscription: The US DOV Committee's Statement

Confessing Christ in a World of Violence: A statement endorsed by more than 200 Christian theologians and ethicists, plus a long list of signers.

The Power and Promise of Peace: a reflection paper by Sister Brenda Walsh, O.P.

The Power and Promise of Peace: a reflection paper by Dr. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, Prof. Theological Studies (Old Testament) and Director of Peace Studies Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles


"Beyond Impunity: An Ecumenical Approach to Truth, Justice and Reconciliation": a book by Geneviève Jacques that challenges churches to reach across traditional boundaries and join others in the search for new paths towards genuine justice, repentance and reconciliation and thus to provide hope.

"Confict, Peace and Development Co-operation on the Threshold of the 21st Century": Organisation for Economic Eo-operation and Development (OECD): These Guidelines represent a "work in progress" of DAC Members' collective view and Commitment on basic changes in the need for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

"Globalization - Towards a Christian Response": a book edited by Peter Heslam; Contributions include: Lord Griffiths, Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs and former advisor to Lady Thatcher; Michael Woolcock, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government; Jim Wallis, leading international commentator on ethics and public life and a spokesperson for faith-based initiatives to overcome poverty. etc.

"Rethinking War and Peace": a book by Diana Francis. Is war ever a just way to resolve conflict? Diana Francis argues that it is not. With passion and eloquence, she mounts a head-on challenge to the belief that war as an institution is either necessary or effective for good.

"Roots of Violence in the U.S. Culture: A diagnosis towards healing": a book by Alain J.Richard

"The Destructive Power of Religion", 4 volumes: Edited by J. Harold Ellens; Foreword by Martin E. Marty and Ad Testimonium by Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Dozens of studies by 30 senior experts from five nations examine the influence of sacred texts shaping human nature, society, and political and military strategies in the Western world over the last 3,000 years.

"VULNERABILITY AND SECURITY - Current challenges in security policy from an ethical and theological perspective": The Commission on International Affairs in Church of Norway Council on Ecumenical and International Relations in this study presents some theological and ethical reflections concerning these questions.

"Why the Rest Hates the West": a book by Meic Pearse

Study guides

"Why violence? Why Not Peace?" A study guide to help individuals and groups in the churches to reflect and act in the Decade to Overcome Violence. Authors: Diana Mavunduse and Simon Oxley / WCC

"Pillars of Peace for the 21st Century": Churches are still very much involved in the struggle for human rights. The National Council of the Churches in the USA has produced a study guide for churches.

Decade to Overcome Violence - Study/Action Pack: This DOV Congregational Study/Action Packet (or "DOVPak") is provided to assist Church of the Brethern congregations in carrying out their commitment to participate in the Decade to Overcome Violence.


Symbol of War, Symbol of Peace: A story by Alexa Smith about crosses made from spent shells that represent Liberia's 'transformation'


The Power and Promise of Peace: A Message for the Peacemakers: On September 21, 2004 at 4:00 p.m., the Tillman Chapel at the Church Center for the United Nations observed the International Day of Peace with the theme "We the Peoples Cry Out for Peace:  A Sacred Call". Jan Love, the new chief executive for the United Methodist Women's Division, was the keynote speaker for the interfaith observance because of her long commitment to interreligious concerns.  

In Peace Let Us Pray To The Lord: An Orthodox Christian Approach to Peacemaking: This talk was given by Jim Forest at the St. Vladimir's Seminary , Crestwood, New York, on November 20, 2004.

Peacemaking in Wartime: a speech by Jim Winkler, General Secretary United Methodist Board of Church & Society, USA

Worship - Liturgy

"SONG FOR PEACE": A Hopeful Song of Healing Chosen to Highlight US Focus for DOV in 2004 

Messengers of Peace: Worship Service: This is a version of the worship service in the Gedächtniskirche of Berlin, Germany, on 4 February, 2001. It was the worship service that launched the Decade to Overcome Violence, sponsored by the World Council of Churches.

Our Prayers Rise like Incens: Liturgies for peace: This book offers a variety of liturgies, some of which include eucharist, to be used for occasions when we as people of faith need to speak out boldly and clearly for justice and peace in our world. The services can be used as are or adapted to meet your group's needs.

Lenten Fast from Violence Resources

US Focus Poster

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